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eSkill provides online skills assessments to help you appraise the skills and knowledge of job candidates as well as current employees. Its test content is created and refined by subject matter experts and offers businesses an easy way to evaluate candidates’ competency in a variety of subject and topic areas and predict probability of success in a job and at a company.

Whether you need a standard test on a specific subject or a multi-subject test customized for a complex job requirement, you can select from over 800 standard job- and subject-based tests, or use eSkill Author to create custom tests that meet your specific business requirements.

Combine questions from multiple tests, and add your own questions. Include simulations that replicate the job environment so you can see how employees perform in real-life situations. You can even convert paper versions of your skills tests into online assessments.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Reduce your hiring costs by 70% and time-to-hire by 60% by using eSkill’s pre-employment tests in all phases of your hiring process. Create custom employment tests that perfectly match your job requirements using questions from one or more assessments in the eSkill Test Library along with your own questions.

Choose tests that assess applicants’ knowledge of subjects such as medical terminology, accounting principles, customer service, and call center operations and include simulations to test MS Office, computer programming, and multitasking abilities.

Employee Skills Testing

Increase the productivity of your workforce by using skills assessments to pinpoint internal training and development needs. Once you assess employees’ knowledge and identify skill and knowledge gaps, you can develop and recommend training and development plans for employees as well as entire teams.

Recorded Video Interviews

Screen and evaluate applicants in minutes instead of wasting countless hours reviewing resumes and scheduling face-to-face interviews by using recorded video interviews. Video interviews also help you minimize subjective bias in your hiring process because all candidates are asked to answer the same questions in the same order.

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